Though we generally advise against wearing multiple trends at the same time, there are always exceptions. Such is the case for the subjects of today’s post: chokers and the off-the-shoulder neckline. We’ve seen iterations of chokers across the gamut over the last several months, from ’90s-inspired velvet ribbons to leather tie versions. And don’t even get us started on the massive popularity that the off-the-shoulder top has garnered—it’s on practically every woman this summer. So when we began to see the two married into one look on our favourite bloggers, we knew it was so not a coincidence.

Why does it work? A cold shoulder can be challenging to accessorize (so much bare skin!), but a choker achieves a fashion-forward look that doesn’t feel fussy or overbearing. To help illustrate our point, we gathered seven stylish blogger outfits and also threw in a few shopping combinations to make it easy and effortless for you.

Style Notes: A chunky choker makes a plain off-the-shoulder shirt so much more exciting. Wear with equally chunky bracelets. 
We can’t believe this is under £35. 
Style Notes: For the ethereal look, try a plain choker paired with a floaty dress. It might be winter right now but you can still do this outfit underneath a winter coat. 
So simple and only a fiver. 
Style Notes: Don’t have an actual choker necklace? Fear not, you can fashion one out of your favourite silk scarf.
From one of our favourite brands right now. 
Style Notes: The most minimal way to do this is with a sleek gold piece of jewellery. To show it off, go nautical with a striped blue and white shirt. 
One word: elegant. 
Style Notes: For the daintiest versions, look to fine gold for a little sliver of a choker. 
A bit pricier than some of the others but worth it. 
Style Notes: Go bold with a black embellished necklace. Remember to pair with a similarly bright dress to balance it out. 
Great for the festive season. 
Style Notes: Want to make your whole outfit about the jewellery? Don’t fear embellishment or colour. 
In the sale too? Don’t mind if we do.  Want more? The game-changing party accessories that will make every LBD look incredible. 


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