One of the things that fashion girls pride themselves on is their sartorial individuality, but when you spot a really flattering outfit formula on someone else, you’d be remiss to not run with it. And that’s exactly why we see so many women wearing a handful of similar outfits but always with their own unique spin on them. We narrowed it down to five ultra-flattering outfits in particular that we’ve seen a lot lately. These looks combine pieces you probably already own, so let the outfit-planning begin.

Keep reading to find out which flattering outfit combinations fashion girls swear by.

This is the outfit formula that’s so versatile and flattering on every body type that you could wear it every single day (and many women do).
Choose a dress that shows off your waistline and a bit of ankle between your heels and the hemline—you’ll look much taller than if you were wearing a maxi dress.
Fashion girls’ shoe style of choice when wearing a short skirt is undoubtedly flats. Trust us: Your legs will still look long. To up the flattering factor, tuck your shirt in or cinch your jacket with a belt.
High-waisted jeans make legs appear longer, so show off the high waistband via a cropped top or sweater.
Wearing all one color creates a clean, unbroken line that’s incredibly lengthening and polished.


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