Oh August…. The calm before the storm (for the fashion industry that is). August is the time of year where the fashion industry takes their final summer sabbaticals and does a quiet methodical preparation for the consumer cyclone that starts up in September through till Christmas. I’m talking Fashion Week, back-to-school shopping, holiday prep, ad-campaigns, September issue, etc. EVERYTHING “important” in fashionland… Starts up again in the beginning of September. Which means now is the time that all of the luxury brands are receiving pre-fall. I have two words… Bag. Charms. 

Bag charms are IT, bag charms are IN, they are everything and will be everywhere this fall. With Karl Lagerfeld paving the way with Italian powerhouse Fendi, bag charms have been on the scene for a little over a year now. Fendi made major waves a few seasons ago with the Monster Collection (which I die for). With this collection came the resurrection of bag charms, and in the BIGGEST way. With Fendi’s extensive success in mind, all of the major fashion houses have followed suit. Here are some of my faves!
Louis Vuitton: Bubble Dou Bag Charm
Bag charms are a fun and playful way to add personality and panache to your look. They are youthful and adventurous, it is a way too make an old bag look new. If you want to achieve the above aesthetic for a more economical price….. Here are some affordable options: 


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