It’s easy to look at Carrie Bradshaw’s style and place it distinctly in the past—like her Christian Dior newspaper dress plucked from the spring 2000 collection or the Fendi Baguette, a style debuted in 1997. But for many Sex and the City fans, the freelance journalist’s style is timeless, likely because it was distinctly her.

Her closet didn’t adhere strictly to of-the-moment trends. She didn’t care if she was overdressed, scantily clad, impractical, or even bordering on costumey. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that her looks still translate to 2017. Ahead, take a trip down memory lane with Bradshaw outfits, and let us know which ones you’d still wear.

Isn’t it about time we revisit sparkly tube tops?
Forget matching your shoes and bag—Bradshaw let her soles speak for themselves.
Pile on the flirty, frilly details because why not?
Consider this one of the earlier forms of lampshading.
Teeny, tiny spaghetti straps feel quintessentially ’90s.
Bradshaw combines casual suiting with a classic striped tee.
Haven’t you heard bra-strap styling is back?
Let the past inspire your ensemble, such as with this prim ’50s look.
Print clashing can be hard, but it’s so much easier in a mostly neutral color palette like this one.
Just your average jeans-and-sweater combo, except with gorgeous OTK boots and a bag that’s like a work of art.
We prefer our athleisure a bit more, erm… grounded? But we’re into these snap-down pants nonetheless.
Bradshaw was never really a skinny-jean kind of gal—this flared pair is much more her speed. Up next, take a look at the cute ballet flats that will make you want to give up your heels for good (Bradshaw forbid!).


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