Hullo internet-people, I’m back! Back from an amazing trip through the west of France, back from mouth-watering food and wine. My vacation has ended…wow, that hits me right now. Aaaanyway, I’m ready again to get a bit crafty, so I got out my jewellery pliers and started making a little nice project you can do in no-time!

I basically discovered the idea for this necklace a while ago, in one of my ‘Things I Love’ roundups. The necklace was from Etsy, and while love their products, I didn’t want to spend 42 bucks on this piece. No, I wanted to craft it myself, and I could really save some money while doing so. Additionally, this way I could use my old collection of beads again! These beads have been in my possession for some time now, for as a kid I used to make these little animals out of thin wire and small beads. I was obsessed with this! When I gave it up I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them away. So good that I didn’t, right?

The tutorial

You need:

  • Small beads in 5 different colours of your choice
  • Nylon coated wire in gold
  • Small gold chain
  • 2 calottes in gold
  • 2 crimp beads
  • 6 small jump rings
  • 1 medium-sized jump ring
  • 1 jewellery clasp
  • Jewellery pliers

Start by threading the beads on the wire. Think of a nice sequence of colours, or just copy mine.

Now at the end of the wire, thread one of the calottes: Thread the wire through the hole of the calotte, then thread a crimp bead. Crimp the bead, then close the calotte around it. This way, you have a nice ending to your centre part of the necklace. Cut off the excess wire.

Cut off the wire on the other side of the beads, but leave a bit of wire for the calotte. Thread this part of the wire through the hole of the calotte and repeat step 2. Keep the calotte close to the beads.

That’s it for the centre part. Next, measure how long you want your necklace to be. I usually do it this way: Attach one side of the gold chain to your calotte by help of a small jump ring. Lay the chain around your neck (with the bead part) and measure the desired length by holding the chain to the other end of the bead part. Cut the chain at the desired length, then fold it in half and sever it again. Attach the other part of the chain to the other calotte.

In a next step, measure another piece of chain that is just a few millimetres longer than the other chain. Cut it.

Bundle up both necklaces with small jump rings on both sides. Attach another jump ring on each side. Then, add a medium-sized jump ring on one, and a jewellery clasp on the other side. Done!

Although this project sounds rather complicated, judging by the length of the text, it’s surprisingly easy! I really like how you can play around with different colours of beads, and even with the design or sequence of beads. Plus, the necklace is so delicate that you can wear it to numerous outfits. And, it is actually a nice little gift for a good friend, or your sister or mother. What do you think?

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