At the end of October, Chiara Ferragni announced that she and her fiancé, Italian rapper Federico Leonardo Lucia, aka Fedez, were expecting their first child. As Chiara is one of the biggest fashion influencers on Instagram, it’ll come as no surprise that she has been dressing her bump in the most stylish way possible–and it’s exactly what you’d want it to be. As well as going for more comfortable pieces, she’s not shying away from skirts or form-fitting dresses. She’s the opposite of the word frumpy. There are some clear rules she’s sticking to, however, which we’ve helpfully compiled below. Keep scrolling to see just how Chiara’s style has evolved to maternity wear and what tips to pick up if you’re also expecting.

Style Notes: If you really want to know how to stay comfortable during those nine months, then invest in some chic sweats. They will expand as you grow.
Loved by plenty of A-lists, this one’s super comfy.
Style Notes: Chances are that when you’re pregnant you’ll want to take a holiday at some point. But that doesn’t mean you have to cover up–wearing a bikini or one-piece can make you feel great.
Don’t like this swimsuit? ASOS Maternity has plenty of other options.
Style Notes: Millennial pink doesn’t have to be shunned because you’re doing a super grown-up thing. Embrace your fun side, and go for the hue, but pair it with black accessories.
Sunshine in coat form.
Style Notes: While Chiara loves to dress up, she’s still very much into the whole “comfortable ensemble” vibes. Take a note from her maternity style, and go for loose-fitting shorts and an oversized jumper.
Mango does the best jumpers right now.
Style Notes: Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favourite party dresses. On the contrary, find one that fits your bump, and you’ll look incredible.
The slight nip in the waist will give your bump a great shape.
Style Notes: Much like plenty of other pregnant fashion women, Chiara knows the power of a roll-neck. Make sure it’s long enough to go over the bump as you get bigger and you’ll get the most cost-per-wear out of it.
This roll-neck will stretch to fit your bump. 
Style Notes: Want to wear a dress that gives you a bit of room? Opt for something a bit more oversized such as this long-sleeved T-shirt dress.
Throw this on when you want something comfy but stylish to wear. Pair with ankle boots if you can still face wearing them.

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