If you work in an office, your weekday wardrobe probably requires buttoned-up, conservative, and often times downright uncomfortable items. But when Saturday rolls around, it’s high time to swap out those workplace-friendly pieces for comfy outfits for the weekend. Our ultimate source of inspiration comes straight from the street style snaps of fashion girls who always seem to strike the right balance of cozy and stylish. Whether they’re topping off jeans and a T-shirt with a blazer or elevating corduroy pants with boot ankle boots, there’s no shortage of inspiration. Ahead, see 18 cute, comfy outfit pairings to try out yourself.

Style a long tailored shirt over vintage denim for a laid-back look. 
Stay on-trend with an oversize blazer and deconstructed denim. 
Pair a comfortable sweater with simple trousers for a cool look. 
Throw on a jean jacket over a statement dress for weekend activities.
Try out an all-beige look and match your sweater with a pair of flowy trousers. 
Corduroy pants are so comfortable and super-chic when paired with a bright-red long-sleeve. 
Try out a fun pair of furry sliders with your denim ensemble. 
Opt for a high-low top with your vintage denim. 
Keep your comfortable knit sweaterdress stylish by adding a belt. 
Try out a graphic tee with slouchy leather pants and sliders. 
For a cool model-off-duty look, pair a sweatshirt with a leather skirt and simple sneakers. 
Color-coordinate a furry sweater and corduroy trousers. 
Loafers are such comfortable shoes, so pair them with simple denim and a leather jacket. 
Stay warm with a jean jacket over your dress, and add sneakers for walking around the city. 
Add an oversize trench coat to your statement top. 
A large coat and slouchy trousers are the keys to comfort. 
Let your stylish blouse show under a comfortable sweater. 
Keep the outfit chic with a ruffled skirt, and add a turtleneck to stay warm.  Next, find out what a “level 10” naked dress looks like.


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