Here are 10 super cute pedicure trends, from Styles Weekly: 

Although you can certainly give yourself a pedicure from the comfort (and financial convenience) of your own home, there are two huge benefits that come with going to a spa or salon instead.

One is that you can get pampered (and every woman deserves a bit of that!).

The second is because there are professionals who can come up with all sorts of fun and creative designs.

Ones like these…

1. Swirly Big Toes

Swirly big toes
Swirly big toes/via

If you like a few different colors but you don’t want your toes to look too “busy”, how about mixing two or more into a swirl pattern on your big toe?

2. A Gold Metallic Stripe

A gold metallic stripe
A gold metallic stripe/via

Metallics are big right now. One subtle way to incorporate them into a pedicure is by using a gold (or silver) line to separate two of your favorite colors.

3. Mosaic Toes

Mosaic toes
Mosaic toes/via

Doesn’t this look like a work of art? Mosaic, to be specific.

Metallic Stripes

Metallic stripes
Metallic stripes/via

Another fun way to use metallics is to put some stripes on your big toe or to color a couple of your smaller ones silver, gold or copper. Or, you can even add tiny dots—like you see on this picture.

Pastel Tiles

Pastel tiles
Pastel tiles/via

Before this picture, you might have only thought that tiles were good for bathroom flooring. Clearly, it’s aesthetically appealing in a variety of other ways as well.

‘American Flag’ Feet

'American Flag' feet
‘American Flag’ feet/via

Whether the Fourth of July is coming up or you’re simply feeling extra patriotic one day, this is a cute and creative way to express how much you love America.

Spring Themes

Spring themes
Spring themes/via

With the spring season comes flowers in bloom. Plus, being that retro flower earrings are currently a hot trend, this look will go perfect with some of your throwback accessories.

Halloween Feet

Halloween feet
Halloween feet/via

Do you like dressing up for Halloween? If so, don’t forget about your feet.

Geometric Pattern

Geometric pattern
Geometric pattern/via

Initially, this might seem like too much for toes, but if you’re someone who doesn’t like wearing a lot of jewelry or prefers to wear solids or neutrals a lot, this can add a bit of “energy” to your outfits.

Peppermint Feet

Peppermint feet
Peppermint feet/via

These toes are another take on the swirl pattern that was shown earlier. Except thanks to the red-and-white combo, the feet look good enough to eat. Plus, they are perfect for the holiday season!

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